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Lawn Tips You Can't Skip This Spring

Reviving your lawn after a cold winter can be a challenging task, but we’re here to help!

In order to create a thriving, beautiful lawn, you'll need to start early so give us a call and by the time summer rolls around, you'll have a lush, thick carpet of green grass.

Dead grass and lawn clippings accumulate and get matted down into thatch. While some thatch protects the roots, a half inch or more prevents moisture and nutrients from reaching the soil and promotes fungal growth.

After being neglected all winter long, your lawn could use a thorough spring cleaning.  We will examine your property to assess the state of your lawn. Looking closely for any plants that didn't survive, anything that may be compacting the grass and trimming up unruly bushes.

Not all customers are in need of this technique but some high traffic areas of a lawn can become compacted and inhospitable to grass roots. In order to alleviate this we can aerate for you to allow better flow of air, water and nutrients to penetrate the soil.

Weed Treatment
Preventative treatment is your best bet for a weed-free lawn all season. Ask us about the different types of herbicides to tackle weeds before they even sprout or for growing weeds.  We can also provide an Eco-Friendly option without any chemicals.  

For bare patches of ground when all other options won’t work we plant!  New grass in the spring requires a lot of tending to with water and weeding and may need to re-seed in the summer and fall but we’ll get you through it and the end results will be BEAUTIFUL.

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